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How do we help more sales leaders succeed?

Rebecca Gebhardt

Best-selling author, former top 1% sales leader. With over 20 years of experience leading sales teams that have generated over $50 million in revenue, Rebecca specializes in guiding emerging sales leaders through the transition from the sales leaderboard to leadership, while helping corporate sales leadership teams strengthen their leadership pipelines. 

Keynote Topics

  • Strength-Based Goal Setting for a Competitive Edge
  • Strength-Based Sales Coaching for a Competitive Edge
  • Go All-In; Don't Burn Out (Peak Performance Through Energy Management)
  • New Role, New Rules: How to Succeed in your new (Sales) Leadership Role
  • Pipeline to Prosperity; Strength of Your Leadership Pipeline Predicts the Future Prosperity of Your Business
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"This was a huge eye opening point for me...Being able to focus on my strengths and realize I’m at my best when I’m positive and motivated." 
Jared Schaaf


"My biggest takeaway was to build on my strengths to such a point it’s a competition advantage. Weaknesses are meant to be managed - not to spend so much time on trying to make them strengths."
Austin Lewin
"Rebecca delivered a fantastic virtual presentation to our WeMN group on how to use the concept of servant selling to double your sales.  Not only did Rebecca present her content in an engaging, interactive way, but she offered a valuable perspective on how to shift your mindset to increase sales.  The group feedback was extremely positive, and I would highly recommend Rebecca to any organization who is seeking a speaker with an expertise in sales."
Anita Nelson