Ever feel like it would be nice to see what other senior sales leaders are doing and bounce ideas off each other?!


Join our free bi-monthly sales leadership roundtables where we do just that. 

Professionally facilitated with pre-submitted topics that impact sales leaders, discussed by sales leaders. Previous topics:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Sales Leadership Mindsets
  • Burnout and Engagement
  • Aligning Culture, Vision, and Strategy
  • And More!


  • Senior sales leaders managing other leaders

  •  Frontline sales leaders wanting perspective from experienced leaders

  • Open-minded sales leaders who know the power of being around other smart people

Executive Round Table Request Form

After completing this application, you will hear from a member of the Rise Up Consulting team within 24 hours.

Roger Cunningham

I have greatly enjoyed the few times that I have joined Rebecca's Sales Leadership Roundtables, both in-person and virtual. Not only is it great to talk through ideas and learn new strategies from other sales leaders in both similar and different industries, but also just refreshing to talk through common struggles with like-minded sales leaders. I have always walked away with many new ideas, as well as new friends. I am a true believer in the power of "masterminds" and in bringing high-energy producers together for the purpose of learning from peers and am honored and privileged to be part of Rebecca's circle and have the opportunity to participate in her events.

Erin Hargrove

In sales we are regularly looking for inspiration and motivation, as often it is a lonely role where one is expected to stay ahead, stay sharp and stay aware. This is why I have found that the Sales Executive Round Table that Rebecca Gebhardt has cultivated so compelling. A dedicated time where we as sales professionals put away our competitive spirit and share what we need, what works and how we can continuously stay inspired. Each session is different and you never know where the conversation will lead, but you can be sure that you will walk away with a nugget to use.


Drew Nelson

Rebecca is doing some really cool work in the area of enabling leaders. I had the opportunity to attend two of her leadership round tables. Each time I walked away with great insight. They were phenomenal networking sessions where we were able to bounce ideas off like-minded individuals. Not only did I build relationships within these groups, but was able to bring the ideas into my role to better equip my team for success. I'd highly recommend these sessions and time with Rebecca to anyone who's looking to grow.