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Let's Break the Status Quo!

Why do organizations train salespeople but not the ones who have the most influence over their success, the sales leaders?

According to our recent survey, 80% of sales leaders said they received no training once being promoted. 

According to HubSpot, no executive fails like the VP of Sales. 

It's our mission to shorten sales leaders' learning curves and find wins faster through intentional and proven development.

We assist corporate sales leadership teams in developing their leadership bench with immediate impact on recruiting, retention, and revenue, and long-term influence over their future leaders.

Our clients have seen team sales increase from 50%, 75%, 120% and even 700%.

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Reasons To Work With Us

Competitive Advantage

Sales reps don't leave companies, they leave their leaders.  Ineffective bosses can cost your organization more than all other benefits combined.  Great sales leadership is a competitive advantage to attracting and retaining great talent.   

New Role, New Rules

How organizations have promoted sales leaders in the past has been flawed.  Not all great salespeople make great sales leaders.  (And some do!)  We use Kolbe and our own assessments to determine who will succeed as a sales leader at your organization, and then provide them strategic development.  


Are your senior sales leaders doing the job of your frontline sales leaders?  Are they not as available to answer questions and train your new leaders as you thought?  This causes confusion and stagnation.    In order to sustainable scale your sales organization, you need the right sales leadership in place.  We help strengthen your sales leadership pipleline from your frontline leaders to your senior VP of Sales.