Let's Change the Status Quo of Sales Leadership Development

Why do organizations train salespeople but not the ones who have the most influence over their success, the sales leaders?

According to our recent survey, 80% of sales leaders said they received no training once being promoted. 

We assist corporate leadership teams in developing their sales leadership bench with immediate impact on recruiting, retention, and revenue, and long-term influence over their future leaders.

Our clients have seen team sales increase from 50%, 75%, 120% and even 700%.

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Reasons To Work With Us


Great sales leaders are great recruiters.  Our programs focus on developing sales leaders' recruiting process - from prospecting to interviewing to onboarding.  When sales leaders are trained on how to recruit the right people in the right way, they build optimized sales teams and gain a competitive advantage.

Retaining Top Talent

People don't leave companies, they leave leaders (Gallup).  They stay in organizations where they are being coached by their sales leader and provided opportunities for growth by their company.  We focus on the proven skills that create the circumstances for the sales team to win.  When they find wins and have a great relationship with their direct sales manager, they stay at your organization. 


Better coached sales teams produce 20% more.  So what makes someone an elite sales coach?  They consistently do the things that matter in the right way.  Our programs focus on helping sales leaders focus on what to look for in the numbers, utilize their time more effectively, and focus on the few but needle-moving activities that increase sales volume.

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“I would not hesitate to do this.  Did we know some of the material? Some, yes. Some, no.  What it really did was force us to dedicate time each week to build systems.  This was not just a teaching moment for us as a company.  It forced action.  We came up with systems.  It put all of us as a managment team on the same page. It also put us in a mindset to plan accordingly for the future.  We plan on taking this training again with some new sales leaders and are recommending it to others. "