Specialized Training for Salespeople Transitioning from the Leaderboard to Leadership®


Assess your current natural strengths and utilize them as your competitive advantage as a sales leader.


Learn the difference between what makes great salespeople and the skills that top sales leaders possess that impact recruiting, retention, and revenue.


Utilize our sales leadership playbook with templates and tools to create success for your current and future sales teams.

This program is specifically streamlined and customized for busy sales leaders. Learn the concepts, apply them to your unique situation, and see your success elevate. 


This Might Be For You If....

You are a top sales professional ready to make the leap into sales leadership. You have a track record of getting results and want to keep that momentum when leading a sales team.


You are an experienced sales leader looking to develop your frontline sales leaders. 





You are a new leader frustrated by the lack of progress and overwhelmed with the amount of work on your plate. You are looking for focus on going from a doer to a leader.



"Rebecca gives solid solutions from her own success in sales leadership.  She brings another set of eyes to the table.  As a leader, I want more of what I can do better.  It's also helpful to have an unbiased third party to talk things through with." Amanda Arndt (Up 700% in team sales.)

You work with a sales organization that values improvement, but they don't currently have a customized and professional program for sales leaders like you.  


The market is shifting.  You understand that what you have done in the past won’t be enough to lead into the future. 


You want to increase your market value.  Sales leaders use this program to successfully set up their sales leadership careers. 


Participants not only see immediate results... but also create the proper foundation and infrastructure for exponential sales team growth. 

From Rebecca:

Rise Up Consulting works primarily with corporate sales leadership teams.  This is the ONLY public program we offer for individual sales leaders looking to rise up.


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I am finally positioning myself to be the leader I believed I could be. I am not where I want to be YET, but I have a belief that it's possible and see the value in understanding why I do the things I do and the proper way to approach short and long term goals.

- Andy Karam


Hands down one of the best decisions I have made for my business! My skills have leveled up in all areas, and I received the guidance I needed to be a better leader. It's scary going into a leadership role without having any clue how to lead. This course gave me the confidence and knowledge necessary to lead and mentor my sales team with the quality service and leadership they deserve.

-Hailey Weidrich

My sales leadership has improved because I've been able to create a system for tracking progress, communicating that progress, all while efficiently being able to still run my own book of business within the company. Helping to train them and teach them has helped me to solidify the fundamentals of our sales program, and has help me improve both as a sales rep and as a leader.

-Cantley Kraft

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