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Using Kolbe Solutions To Build Top Performing Sales Teams

It is expensive to take a top performing sales professional out of sales and promote them to leadership.  If they are not set up to succeed in their new role, not only do you lose a great salesperson, you might lose a great employee.


Right Person, Right Role

At Rise Up Consulting, we are committed to setting up people to succeed through proper training and getting the right person in the right role - whether you are promoting from within or outside your organization.

What sort of sales leader does your organization need?  What type of person would be best suited for the next promotion?  How does that sales leader impact the rest of the executive team? 

Rise Up Consulting is proud to utilize Kolbe assessments to make this process more fool-proof.  Kolbe is the only proven and unbiased assessment to measure conative abilities - the way we instinctually do things if we are free to be ourselves.  

Success in sales and sales leadership isn't just what you KNOW and how you FEEL, it's what you DO.  ​


Kolbe is used in sales organizations to:

- Improve Hiring Success

- Lower Turnover

- Pinpoint Emerging Sales Leaders Based On Conative Strengths

- Coach Salespeople More Effectively

Understanding how the three parts of the brain interact in the sales world creates the right environment to allow high performers to maximize their performance, while minimizing their burnout.

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