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How do we help more leaders succeed?

Speaker Bio

Best-selling author, former top 1% sales leader.  With over 20 years of experience leading sales teams that have generated over $50 million in revenue, Rebecca specializes in guiding emerging sales leaders through the transition from the sales leaderboard to leadership, while helping corporate sales leadership teams strengthen their leadership pipelines.  She focuses on strength-based goal setting and role alignment to allow people to show up as their best selves using Kolbe assessments. 


Rebecca believes that in order to get the best out of people, we need to slow down before we speed up.  Her mission is to make lasting impressions on sales organizations by empowering all levels of leadership to direclty impact recruiting, retention, and revenue.  

Crush the Status Quo

The assumption that what made someone successful in one sales role in the past will make them successful in another leadership role in the future is hurting sales leadership pipelines.  It’s costing organizations millions of dollars a year.  Success does leave clues, but it doesn’t predict the future.


What does help predict the future success of a sales leader?  A combination of their own motivations, talent, and potential combined with opportunities, development, and coaching from company leadership.  Utilizing assessments to find not only the best fit for the leadership position, but also the best fit with the rest of the leadership team.


Rebecca has found a formula to empower sales leaders at each level in their career, which helps sales organizations strengthen their leadership benches.  She’s passionate about training each level of sales leaders where they are and preparing them for the next level. 


Part of the development are keynotes and workshops to empower leaders. 



  • Strength-Based Goal Setting for a Competitive Edge

  • Strength-Based Sales Coaching for a Competitive Edge

  • Go All-In; Don't Burn Out (Peak Performance Through Energy Management)

  • Pipeline to Prosperity; Strength of Your Leadership Pipeline Predicts the Future Prosperity of Your Business


Key Takeaways:

  • Trust own talents and respect talents of others on the team

  • Build confidence coaching and leading teams with collective strengths for a sustainable competitive advantage

  • Implementable sales coaching insights leaders can use immediately to increase recruiting, retention, and revenue

  • Leverage each leader’s unique habits, skill sets, and mindset

  • Maximize time and energy the same way elite performers do for continual domination

  • Identify talents, characteristics, and behaviors of top performers at each level of leadership


"The presentation helped clarify my strengths and enforce the importance of focusing on them." Keynote attendee

"Rebecca delivered a fantastic virtual presentation to our WeMN group on how to use the concept of servant selling to double your sales.  Not only did Rebecca present her content in an engaging, interactive way, but she offered a valuable perspective on how to shift your mindset to increase sales.  The group feedback was extremely positive, and I would highly recommend Rebecca to any organization who is seeking a speaker with an expertise in sales." Anita Nelson

"My biggest takeaway was to build on my strengths to such a point it’s a competition advantage. Weaknesses are meant to be managed - not to spend so much time on trying to make them strengths." Austin Lewin

"This was a huge eye opening point for me...Being able to focus on my strengths and realize I’m at my best when I’m positive and motivated."  Jared Schaaf

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